Bon Parfumeur 201 ” A peppery cedar”

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Like an apple sorbet.

The lively and crunchy notes of the fruit play with the sparkling facets of bergamot.

Green apple and blackcurrant leaf open the fragrance on a fresh and vegetal dimension.

One could imagine an orchard! The heart is a beautiful bouquet of magnolia and lily of the valley flowers.

The woody intensity of cedar and vetiver, linked to musks reinforces the hold of this elegant perfume.

Top notes
› Bergamot: sparkling, floral, reminiscent of earl grey tea
› Granny smith: juicy and green apple
› Blackcurrant leaf: scent of blackcurrant with a vegetal touch

Heart notes
› Magnolia: white flower, sunny, delicate
› Lily of the valley: White floral, watery, spring scent
› Quince: fruity, tangy

Base notes
› Cedar: dry woody, pencil-like
› Vetiver: woody, earthy, a little nutty
› Musk: soft, comforting, cottony

30 ml eau de toilette

The chic 2.0 fragrance, woody and spicy.

From the first seconds, we feel the spicy freshness of pink and black pepper, then the neroli in the heart that brings a lot of softness.

In the background, essences of patchouli, vetiver and benzoin resin give this fragrance all its power.

Top notes
› St. Thomas berries: smoky, peppery, woody
› Incense: camphorated, waxy, spicy and peppery
› Black pepper: spicy, cold

Heart notes
› Pepper: spicy, spicy, warm
› Cedar: dry woody like a pencil
› Neroli: bitter orange flower, floral, soft

Base notes
› Patchouli: smells like a damp undergrowth
› Vetiver: woody, earthy, a little nutty
› Benjoin: vanilla, resinous, fruity

30 ml eau de toilette





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